Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Gift of Life- Blogisode 3

Khan uncle screamed,"Earthquake"!! Gathering his senses he gave Alaena in my arms instructing me to make a dash towards the ground floor and from there to the open, while he rushed upstairs. The intensity of the tremor and the accompanying rumbling noise gradually diminished and suddenly increased atleast three times. I could clearly the see the plinth of the nearest building oscillating through a distance of about 15 cm. I had no clue what to do. My brain had stopped functioning alltogether. I could only here people screaming and running around. Reaching the ground floor seemed like an eternity. People were rushing out in droves now pushing people along. With Alaena in my arms, almost a a munute had elapsed since Khan uncle had left us. I reached the ground floor and was just about to head towards the open when I witnessed a panel wall thrown out completely out of its frame structure. I could not hear any voices. All i could hear was wails, shrieks and a strong rumbling sound which was growing in intensity with every passing second. I stood there frozen as I witnessed two of the lowest floors of the adjacent Malhar apartments plunge into the ground. Something strong struck me at the back and I let go Alaena off my arms.My head felt sore. There was suddenly a deathly silence around me. It was unusually dark and dusty. I was sure that whatever I had seen was a bad dream and the day had just begun. But sometimes, your worst fears tend to come true. I found myself in the midst of a rubble with a bam preotecting me from the debris that had accumulated in heaps right above. I found it hard to breathe. I tried to get up the way I used to jump out of my bed every morning, but some strange force was pinning me to the ground. My legs were trapped. I was stuck under a seemingly endless rubble of cement, stone and bare rods. I could see bodies crushed by the beams lying immobile besides. Blood oozed out of their bodies draining them of their life with every passing second. "What have these innocent people done to be put through such an ordeal? What have I done to suffer like this?", I wondered. I felt like vomitting. It was a ghastly scene. I shut my eyes unable to take in these gory scenes any more. I was trembling with fear. Never in my life have I been more scared. Never. I screamed. I screamed at the top of my voice. My screams got lost in the cries for help that were originating from everywhere. I could see people trying to wriggle out of the mess they were down under. My ears were filled with pleads and cries which were emanating from all over the place. My nose had got used to the smell of blood and the rubble all over. Suddenly, i realized that Alaena was nowhere besides me. I looked around for Alaena. Where was she? I felt my heart skip a beat at the thought of she being trapped under the debris.

To be continued......
(* God...Let there be peace all over. Natural or manmade disasters....please dont test us. Let us pray for the Delhi blast victims.)


anusha said...

so Guruji... m bk again ..
first! Story so far is well has pace and is nt boring ne where!! reminded me of 3 mistakes.. i wont say it is inspired from drawing a story out of the 26/01/01 earthquake.. bt i was luking fwd to sumthign else.. i felt this way probably bcoz..i hv high expectations.. n i was heavily influenced by 3 mistakes!!


.a. said...

Amen, I am saddened by the Dehli blasts! the question is why?

I adore this post, wrote a similar REAL post once we were hit by earthquake, i dono how to express now. Sometime, we, people, do lose words!

i am dying to read what next !!!

and when you comes backs tells me!!

Sandeep Balan said...


Welcome back shishya, welcome back. So where were u all these days. Gud to see you back again. Am in kerala since last week n wil be back in mumbai on monday. Here to celebrate onam.
Back to ur comment....gr8 to know u were nt bored out. This resemblance to bhagat's writings is purely coincidental...he he. This story is inspired by a realife incident involving a family friend. Tht forms 15 percent of da story. Rest if fiction but wid da backing of my experience. I hv first person xperience of 26/01 coz i was in gujarat wid family back then. So real experiences n how i felt of the quake are wht is mentnd here.

Sandeep Balan said...


Wow! Gr8 to know tht. I knw tht when u say adore u really mean it. Your comments are always encouraging yar. Next part wil be up soon. Dont die! He he. Cheerzzzz

Sandeep Balan said...


Yup, delhi blasts were sad yar. Even i hv the same question, why on earth???
Wil let ya know when am bak for sure.

Priyanka said...
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