Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Elixir that is you!

(My first attempt at fib poetry. The rule here is to follow the syllable count of 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21. Thanks Prats and Kajal for teaching and helping me out with this style of poetry and making me take the plunge in the Irresistible series at The Writers Lounge)

this rare
called you on my lips
A thousand deaths in sheer pleasure
A lifetime lived; you melted at the tip of my lips.
Quenching the thirst of my heartbeats, drenching my soul; the drops of elixir that is you

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Be The Unsinkable

"O learned one! I can't go on like this. The world seems so unfair"

"No, it's not son. Everything happens for a reason. You grow. You end up being more mature"

"Is this the way you grow father? Is this the way you learn? Is there so much hurt and hearache involved? This pain is excruciating o learned one! I can't bear this any more. Love is not meant for me. I feel betrayed, used and cheated! I will never be able to trust anyone. I will never be able to live life. I will never ever know what being happy is all about. I hate this pathetic existence"

"A man who falls in his own eyes falls in the everyone's eyes. Please understand, my dear. Life is not a dead end. Its a never ending mine of lessons. Lessons to learn. Lessons to cherish. Lessons to realize. You never remember the pains in the long run. It's just the gains"

"It pains father. It really does. Every single memory of hers brings back that twitch. I will bleed to death if it goes on like this. If you have to go through this pain in parting, I would never ever be in a relationship! Oh..What have I become? I have changed. This is not me. I am not this soul less creature you see in front of you father. I used to breathe. I used to live. I only survive now. I am now filled with only pessimistic thougths. This pain has sucked all the joy from my system. I don't have any reason to be joyful! You say I am growing in the process. Is growing up always this painful father?"

"This pain has nothing to do with your growing child. Neither it has to do with the process of your learning. This pain is all because of the false expectations you had built. This pain is all because of the realization. It's this realization that helps you grow. It's this realization that transforms you. It's this realization that helps you become a mature individual. If there are so many gains at the cost of a momentary pain, is not that desirable my child? Does not a kid who has just learnt to walk fall down a thousand times before mastering the art of balancing the body on their legs? The joy of walking those first steps overshadows the pain inflicted by the fall on the body. Does not a sailing boat manage to reach its destination despite winds being unfavorable? The joy of your sail withstanding the storm and pulling through overshadows the pain inflicted by the weather on the sail. Does a kite ever rise with the wind? It always rises against it. It's more painful to fight the powerful winds against you. The joy of flying and touching the sky overshadows the pain inflicted on the body of the kite.

Your heart is no different from all of these. It flutters feverishly with emotions. It blindly follows the one who gives it some love. It starts expecting and clinging desperately to that special one despite the knowledge and mutual acknowledgement that things won't work between them. The castles built in thin air come crashing down, causing pain and heartache. But ask yourself, what did you gain in the process? What did you learn in the process? Why did God not be kind on you and grant you this one wish of patching up with that someone? You gained understanding in the process. You learned that love is not forced, ever! You found out the benevolence of god in showing you the path before it got too late. You got to know that he considers you the best and has reserved the best for you. You acknowledged that your soulmate is for real and the day when you are with her is not far. You realized that the river would ultimately find it's way to the sea, no matter the obstructions. Nothing can make the river change its course and if it has to, it will dry out. You are the sea. Wait patiently for that river. Sometimes it may take a day. Sometimes an eternity. But it is the rivers destiny to reach the sea and reach it would for sure. The joy of this wait overshadows the pain inflicted by the realization. It was never meant to be. And what is meant to be, will never leave you hurt.

Happiness never comes with a "* Conditions apply" tag!! And if it does, it was never happiness. And if you considered it as one, now you know to differentiate. Life is a lesson. The pain of an impending death is overshadowed by the joy of unravelling the mysteries of life. Take the spade and jump in. Who knows what you may strike up on? Life is too short to look back and repent at your mistakes. Life is to be lived only one way.....celebrating this gift! :-) "

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Dilemma

“Oh Father, Help me out!!”

“I am always here by your side child. Tell me, what is troubling you?”

“Dear Father, its love. I am in a dilemma”

“Love never leaves a room for any sort of dilemma my child. How come you are faced with one?”

“I don’t know father. She was the one with whom I could feel that connect, that purest form of relationship and the true desire to be one. But are they all that are important. That question keeps troubling me, and I don’t know what to do with this other proposal my parents are forcing me to accept. This girl is from our caste and belongs to a rich and influential family. Isn’t money the supreme thing? My parents say that love would eventually happen. So would connect, relationship and that desire. Will it father?”

“If these thoughts have crept in your mind and you plan to even consider this choice, then I won’t be wrong in saying that you never loved her at all. And it also speaks a lot about your self belief and ability to fight the odds. The girl would be better off without you, my child! You are not worthy of her love. It's a shame that you should even consider the choice.”

“You think so father? It's not that i have not loved her. I had. As dearly and deeply any man would have ever loved a woman. She was always the one for me, till my parents popped up this question. I had once truly loved this girl, a feeling which got stronger with time. I loved her for five long years. But now I do feel something is missing. Does love and care diminsh with time father? My parents say that money and status are more important, love would eventually happen. There is a family status I need to safeguard. And isn't it true that in today's world, money can buy everything? There is no place for love. My love is a thing of the past. Time will heal it.”

“It can’t, my child. Time strengthens your love, never diminishes it. And love blindfolds you from even considering other options, even if your love is a decade old. That’s what madly and truly being in love is all about.”

“Why can’t you? Is this not what kids do to their toys when they grow up and find it no more worthy of their attention? Is this not what a honeybee does when it sucks all the nectar from the flower? Is this not what the sea does to the sand castles made on the shore by children? Abandon, take advantage and destroy. And move on, devoid of any remorse?”

“No, my child! You are mistaken. Kids get bored of their toys and throw them away for a new one, but years down the line it’s the sight of these long abandoned toys that reminds them of their best times. Of the times that will never come back. They would be ready to trade off all their wealth for that moment. The toy is lost, not the connection and emotions it generates inside the individual. You can’t buy that connection with money, neither can you destroy it.A honeybee sucks all the nectar from the flower. True. But it does so not to spit it off, rather to painstakingly convert it into honey and stores it in its beehive. The flower willingly gives away its nectar enabling the honeybee to convert it into honey, a very stable food. It naturally resists molds, fungi and other bacteria, allowing it to last for years without refrigeration. It’s not about the process of the conversion into honey here, it never was. Synthetic honey can be bought by money, but never a pure one. Because the basic ingredient that goes into the making of a natural honey is the relationship. Of the relationship the honeybee shares with the flower. You can’t buy relationships with money.It’s the fate of the sand castles built on the shore to mix with the sea. To unite with its family. To get back to where it belongs. It’s the desire of every single granule of sand that is a part of the sand castle. This collective desire forces the sea to embrace it. To take it along with it. It’s the way of the sea to teach the sand to learn to miss being with it. And every time the sea feels that the sand has learnt what the sea means to it, it washes the castle and takes it along with it, and the next wave deposits the new batch of sand for this lesson. Money can buy you fixers and holders for your sand castle, but nothing to hold away this desire.When money can’t buy you connection, emotions, pure relationships and a sure shot way to reverse true desires; how can you leave true love for money child? Can you? Or should I rather ask, will you?

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Fog

“You will fly away in an hour. I will miss you Mr. Goluraam. You really have to go? Can’t you stay back?”

“It’s not that I don’t wish to, my sweety pie BhonduKali. But I have no choice”

“One year!! My Golu will be away from me for a whole year. Don’t go sweety! Please stay back naa. I can’t even imagine one whole year without you daa”

“Bhondu my love….You think I won’t miss you. I would, every second. Just think of it as a test before we start our lives together.”

“Golu. I am not that strong dear. You know that. And I don’t want to give any tests. Not at the expense of staying away from you. I can’t refrain myself from making a call to you every now and then for silly things. And here you are, going away for one whole year! Please don’t go!”

“Who said I am going away my Bhondu? I am right here. With you… In your thoughts... In your dreams”

“I can’t survive on just thoughts and dreams of my Golu. I simply can’t. You complete me. In every sense. Without you, I am like a body without a soul. You will find more beautiful girls than me there in States. One year is long enough for you to forget all about my existence. I will lose you. Please don’t go”

“Who said your soul is leaving you jaan? Can you come outside and look towards the sky from your balcony?”

“From my balcony? At this hour of the night? Have you gone nuts? Why do you want me to do that? It’s freezing outside”

“Do as I say Bhondu jaan? For me. Please. And I promise you won’t feel the cold. Mr. Golu da promise”

“I am here. Now what? It’s really foggy out here today. I can barely see the stars even. The moon is playing hide and seek as well”

“I know. Life is like that fog you see right now Bhondu. Acting as a veil between the stars and their admirers. You are the star jaan. And I am your admirer. I wish to see you sparkling and shining every moment. I want to bathe in your shine. And you shine brighter for your admirer. Blushing at all the attention and love you are being showered with from down here. And then all of a sudden, the fog comes in between us. That’s life playing its games. Everything else remains the same. It’s just the fog in between both of us. A temporary blindness. A state where the star is unsure about whether its admirer is still watching from down there and vice versa. It’s when the star will continue to shine brightly and sparkle hoping and wishing not to let her admirer down, if the fog lifts any moment, when we can say that their relationship has really matured. It’s about the feeling the star has that it has someone watching it from down below. It’s about the feeling the admirer has that he will catch his star twinkling brightly for him the moment this fog lifts. This feeling is called hope. This feeling is called desire to be one. This feeling is called love. Wait for the fog to lift. If our relationship was strong, if we were really meant to be, you would continue to twinkle brightly for me when this fog will lift after a year. And you will find me admiring your beauty and shine right here. Then we would have passed the test. Time will teach you to be strong jaan. Everything will be fine. Trust me”

“Goluuuuuu…I love you…”

“I love you too….See…the fog is already allowing you sneak peeks…he he…oooops…they have announced the boarding for my flight. I will miss you my star. Love you loads”
The humour cuppa.....awaiting Humour Shack

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The humour side!


I decided to gift myself a new blog after my 50th post here. Not that this one would be discontinued. The "yeM Bee yAe" would continue to churn out stories and everything it has been known for right from the beginning. Just that it gets a new brother today. A brother who is crazy. A brother who knows only the humourous side of life. A brother who is a total crackpot. A brother who is total fun to be with. A brother who complements the multi faceted "yeM Bee yAe" with its trademark humour. Welcome the brother "Humour Shack" into blogpuram.

I have always wanted to have a blog which will have only make people laugh. No sad stuff. Just plain humour posts. My brand of tongue in cheek humour. "yeM Bee yAe" will continue to be what it is. A place for my short stories, twisted humour series, philosophical rants and video posts. I hope you all love and follow "Humour Shack"......just the way you have loved and followed my other son, the "yeM Bee yAe"

Love you all......Keep rocking Blogpuram

Monday, April 6, 2009

And the 50th one!


I agree friends...I agree....I have literally crawled my way through posts here in the past few months....Should have reached this milestone with a six like Sehwag always does....But I suddenly got all messed up and busy in work. You all would be happy to learn that the project I was working on with my agency Tribal DDB has won two bronze Abby awards (Advertising awards) at the Goa fest yesterday. We won in the categories of "Mobile Innovation" and "Direct Response". You can check out the interactive website , which kept me away but which helped us win laurels at the Abby awards. I hope all of you would forgive me for not being that active at this place i call my second home because of the workload. I wanted to share my happiness with all of you and here I am. Penning away to glory. My 50th post!

I have formed a big gang of online friends in the course of this journey of mine. A blog which started off just to understand how a "blog" functions, saw me cooking up stories, humour n a lil bit of everything I always wanted to pen. I enjoyed cooking up plots for my short stories & grew in confidence with all of you encouraging me on. Today, this mallu blogger from God's Own Country, Devil's Own Backyard is here to acknowledge all those who have been with him all along this bumpy ride.

I bestow on you "The Coconut Award" :-). An acknowledgement of the fact that you and your blog are as cool as a coconut drink. In its purest form. No additives, no preservatives...just you. And I love you all for being you!

Presenting the newest entrant into blogpuram...."The Coconut Award"......

The award goes to:

Stephen: For being there. Always. Right from the start. For co-founding "The Writers Lounge" with me and Asbah. A place bubbling with talent and energy. A place we call our home and our virtual family.

Asbah: For being a sweetheart. A friend who is always near despite the distance between us. She is much more than a friend. She understands me. Stands by me. Fights for me. Cries for me. She is one girl I want to meet before i die. An amazing writer, I really appreciate her deep thoughts.

Kajal aka The Pink Orchid: She is my magic wand. My magic spell. Every single line that I co-write with this angel forms sheer magic. She completed her 100 days in the blogpuram a few days ago. And this magician has 101 followers to her credit. She pens straight from her heart, the words formed out of her blood. She's the purest form, a true angel.

Mona: My lil poet. I have never come across someone who rhymes with such effortless ease! She makes it seem so simple. God gifted talent.

Priyanka: My twin. My sibling. The first one to comment on all my posts. And always ready with those encouraging words, however bad my post be. A total sweetheart! And an amazing poet.

Neha: Writes amazingly well...great descriptions. The biggest Venky alive :-)

The Writers Lounge members: A place we created for budding poets and writers. We are a big family there. A talented bunch. Nandhini, Arjun, John, Chirag, Leo, Pratibha, Tan, Hashan, Aarthi, Charu, Vitruvian Boy, Gaurav, Rashi, Ilashree, Jack, NavChawla, Nabila, Uzra, Insia, Ashrita, Heena and every single member out there. This award is for each one of you for making this place what it is!

Usha: What do i say about Usha? Words fail me! She is always there. To pat you on the back at the end of every post. Does she weave magic with her poems? You bet. Just browse through her site and you will be mesmerized! For promise!

Harshita: Recent joinee. Fun personified. Her comments make my day.

Kartz: My comment section is so incomplete without his *Peace* adorning my space. A gem.

Arunima: Her honest comments keep me grounded. A fabulous blogger, she makes it a point to highlight the parts where she feels you could have done better. A million thanks for being "you"

Matangi: Wow!! What a writer! What a writer! She is simply fabulous. Her short stories have always been an inspiration. She never disappoints. Never ever!

Ani: Keep the mallu flag flying high in Scotland babe! You are the best. Muah!

Aditya aka the Lover: You have to read him to believe him. A class apart!

Kaushal: Cherry Flavoured Antacids. Comfortably Numb. Homer. Many names. One man. I am yet to see a better poet in blogpuram. My Choteeeeeeeeeee :-)

Another Blogger: I dont know her name. he he. Just know that she's a doc. And her display image gives away the fact that she is gorgeous too. He he he. She is so damn hilarious. I am simply in love with her impromptu posts. She ensures that she has your complete attention when you read her posts. They are so fun! I am so sorry babe that I had to keep you waiting for the third part of "The Blonde" series. Public apology. He he...

Tara: My "daa"....She is a total sweetheart. She makes it a point to come and comment on every post, the moment she sees an update on her sidebar. I love you loads! Muah! You writer fabulously fabulous daa :-)

Divya: Her pettles and pebbles is one of the best blogs I have come across in a while! Always there....A big hug!

Piyush: He was the first one to blogroll me. To give me that confidence. That I "can" write. Thanks a ton brother. For being there.

Praveen: Real posts. Real incidents. The Real Man. The World of Crusader! He means every word when he puts a disclaimer saying that any similarity with anyone living or dead is purely intentional. Speaks his mind. And loved for that. A blessed writer. Gifted with the ability to motivate and gather support around an issue. A gem @ blogpuram

There are a few non-blogger friends I would want to mention as well, without whom i am not complete. My friends, who define me.

I want to give a big hug to my gang: Gudiya aka Dumbo aka Cutie aka Naishy, TJ aka Jyoti aka Tapa aka dude, Moti Bhains aka Saand aka Vidya Balan aka Straight Hair Moti aka Niyati, Nano aka Chotu aka Chor aka Tewari aka Confidence aka Divya, Garry aka Olive Oyl aka Senorita aka Garima, Luchi aka Scarlet aka Ruchi, Major aka e-Bhagat aka Bharat, Geetz aka Lizzy aka Sweetheart aka Bagtrophobia aka byeeeeeeee aka Geetika, Cylinder aka Meghooo aka Jeez aka Meghna, 3/4th aka Abbhi aka Chill babe aka Shruti, My food bank aka Aparna, My fellow mallu colleague aka Aravind B. aka fan aka follower, All of FMG 16 n 17 aka my Superjuniors who come down regularly. I love all of you. I am nothing without you. And everything with you. *Hugs*

P.S: I hereby promise to blog daily for many days to follow to compensate for my absence. Promise!!