Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guess Whoz Back!! Yes..Me...The Crack!!

I am alive....I am alive.....I am alive. I was told when i was a small kid that repeating something three times makes you completely sure of the same. So if you had to win that race against all the odds, you had to sharpen your self belief by chanting to yourself, I can win...i can win...I can win. As simple as that. So if you want me to go back to my coffin, all you have to do is mention...Go back you jerk...Go back you jerk...go back you jerk, in the comments section. He he....

Brain Dead....Inactive.....and decomposing.....that was what i was literally feeling after staying away from this place i call my second home for good 2 months. Oh my god...I have been dead for almost 2 months. Staying away from all those friends whom i may not know in person, but i for sure have seen their soul in their works. Staying away from all those gems these friends unearth and post for the world to admire. Good that you all did not hand over the body for post mortem or else i would never have got the chance to spring back to life again.

Work......Travelling....Loads of it....and a lil laziness......three drugs i was injecting myself with every single day....for the last two months. I had transformed into an addict, snorting in work & travel on weekdays....and smoking out laziness, letting out perfectly shaped rings on weekends. When the things had got out of control and excessive smoking of laziness had started showing cancerous developments in the brain, i stamped my feet and shouted out loud, "Enough of this addiction...Time for some fiction!!"

And here I am.......Back.......And here to stay....Never to fart.....errrr...part!!

Missed being with all of you......Feels great to be back.....There will never ever be a dull moment with this Crack!! Cheers!!!

Psssssst......Blonde 3 to see sunshine tomm....finally.....kindly re-read the earlier two episodes to get back into the so sorry for the inconvenience caused ;-)


Priyanka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ani said...

yaaaayyy u r back.. u r back..

lol and nope its good speech..

kallikkitttooo :P

now can't wait for the blond 3.. yaaayyy

PS: i agree lazyness is a drug..

Harshita said...

BHELcome back...

We have missed your sense of humor and posts a lot... Now wen you are back, I am sure therez going to be lot of smiles around in the blog-world.

Tara said...

Good to see you back da! Keep blogging you jerk...keep blogging you jerk...keep blogging you jerk! Hehe...said it three times! :D Waiting for more on the blonde mem! ;)

Divya said...

es es es... velgum bag! :D

Anonymous said...

heyyyyyyyyy i have welcomed you back long back.. but now its your turn to welcome one more warrior in your army of readers.. hheehehehhe :)

Praveen said...

good to see u back man..
after such a long time!!!!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! *pats*

I like the phoenix simili ;) (or metaphor?) what ever!

welcome back guru!

This place has missed you so much and i cant tell you how many times i had to visit it to check if you have really not updated it!!!

*sweetmeal* mubarak :)

Sandeep Balan said...


he a phoenix from the ashes....yey yey yey...but a phoenix has that cycle right...dont want to be reduced to ashes a phoneix who have been given growth inhibiting drugs....yaa...thats perfect

thanx thanx thanx (3 times :P)

Promise you more of fiction...more of action...

Sandeep Balan said...


poo mole dineshaaaa...he he he

am back...yey!!

blonde 3 posted for your perusal...yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

Sandeep Balan said...


oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...thanx for that wonderful BHELcome...

*accepts the garland and gives his full toothed smile. Blushes. Waves to the crowd. Signals the band to stop playing the music and clears his throat for a speech*

i will make sure that i make up for not making you laugh n cry all this while...blogworld main smiles failaana toh humaara param soubhagya hain ;-)

Sandeep Balan said...


wow daaaaaaaaaaa...nice to hear from you after such a long time...gosh, how much have i missed this place and you guys!! feels like a homecoming of sorts...yippeeeeeeeee...

promise to keep blogging daa...promise to keep blogging daa...promise to keep blogging daa (3 times :P)

and the blonde mem has been released.....check out...runnnnnn!!

Sandeep Balan said...


ess ess esss....the yeM Bee yAe yis to stay....celebrations....yey!!

Sandeep Balan said...


welcomes the warrior with open arms and greets her with a big hug.....position sambhaalo warrior....dushmanon ko nistanaboot karna hain ;-)

Sandeep Balan said...


feels so great to be back bro...have missed this place n you guys like anything....good to see you back in my comments box as well praveen...cheers!

Sandeep Balan said...


jalebi ki dukaan kaisi chal rahi hain....artificial sweetners add karo nahi toh diabetes ho jaayega.... back back.....keep coming back to this place....

n dare you forget the blog link again!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Sandeep Balan said...


jalebi ki dukaan kaisi chal rahi hain....artificial sweetners add karo nahi toh diabetes ho jaayega.... back back.....keep coming back to this place....

n dare you forget the blog link again!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

nan said...

Malan z back
yays :P

Kartz said...

And the man is back... Bienvenue, monsieur!


mona said...

yeah.. the crack is back...and ready to attack!!!!!!... yippeeeeeee

AMIT said...

Ohhh I love the speech of yours.

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