Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mussadi-Man(Blogisode 8)

Episode 8: Destiny's Child

The journey comes to an end! Mussadi-man which started off here without much expectations ends with a dedicated fan following. I am sorry if i have kept you waiting for each of the blogisodes. It has been tough on my side holding them as well. So, now I end your misery! Here is the last blogisode..."The Destiny's Child"...some are going to hate me for this......some will find it worth commenting on...some will like it....a small section would love it....some will dissect it and feel that its not an apt ending....but one thing for one will hate Mussadi-man...and it feels great to achieve that much. It feels as bad to release this last blogisode as much i was excited at the release of the first one...Catch the last installment of the Mussadi-man saga....All yours!


anusha said...

oh oh! i m soo sad that this has come to an end! :(

Pranav, if u r reading this, chup chap aur episodes ke liye maan jayo warna mani don ko supari de dungi!!!

anusha said...

perfect sad ending.. quite unlike our b'wood fillums! nt a i liked it!

the kiddo is cutee.. and yes it was heart went out for mussaddi! strange name and stranger father and strangest destiny.. chalo koi nahi.. he is stil a kid! more yrs oflife ..hehe

and yes.. the scene where he is being taken away by the father.. i thot he wud turn out to be a girl hehe

and the buddha dad was gud!! luks like Big B! Pranan bhi small B lag rah ahai..thoda chota aur mota small B hehe

priyanka said...
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Rahul Srigyan said...


Comfortably Numb said...

All good things come to an end. But yes dude....Mussadi man Rocks!!!!

Nice end...But the beggining was tooo good :)

Nice work!


PS: I still wanna learn video editing :|

Halla Bol!!! said...

sad end.. or is it??

The Solitary Writer. said...

sad ending
wud love to see a sequel


pavam mussadi...

by the way how did u end up with such a greattt namefor ur character...???

nice griiping saga...!!!


Neto said...

Thank the legal history, a beautiful end aconpanhado wanted to have the whole conduct of the plot. Congratulations!!

Rakesh said...

Ohh I had to read all of it and see them to Wonderful Job..
Lot of hardwork has gone into doing this...
U might give Ekta Kapoor run for some money man!! :))

Mihir said...

nice ,man.
why dont you continue the series?
also, loved your tweaked template.

Vinayak said...

nice video
keep it up but u have to continue the series.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Hmmm looks like a long saga had a sad end here.

Nice blog!Thanks for dropping by mine :)

alex paul k said...

well india govt provides a grt wi fi netwrk ovr here so that it takes a lifetime 2 open a cudnt view ur last few videos as wel.....i waited n waited bt ws nt worth enuf n i guess i shud b leaving a comment on ur mussadiman episodes

it ws really funny readin these since i strted with it at home n nw in col wer im absolutely jobless i cudn't continue with it

neway cheers sandeep n i promise u i ll get bak n comment wen i get adequate facilities


Sandeep Balan said...


yup yaar...even i am sad! but it had to end somewhere... :( i sincerely hope pranav reads the threat you have just made public and comes down...he he..great that you didnt find a cliche in it and more than that..liked it!! yaaa...strange father, but the good thing is that he is no more...(oops..the actor who executed the role of the father(Srigyan) is very much alive..he will kill me instead if he reads this)...i was completely in splits after reading the small B part...i second that!!

Sandeep Balan said...


yup dear...i know that it is not an expected end...but if you end well, then the scope of a sequel and the excitement for it dwindels...right?? he he...will definetly try for a sequel if pranav agrees to come down...else its going to be a pain to create a new superhero all over again...he he...thanx for following the mussadi saga with so dedication yaar!! he he...ur presence and comments saw me pumped up till the end...mussadi will return...if god n pranav wish!! he he...i am game... ;)

Anonymous said...

re-saw it! and then i realize it was missing my comments ;) maybe thats why i came to it!!

Mindboggling sandeep :D Guru, as ste says! so yes, MindBoggling Guru :)