Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yipppeeeee....I won.....I won.....I won.....phew....coining a 20 word caption for a contest was tougher than I had imagined it to be.

We had a "WL Caption Contest 09" at Writers Lounge, conceptualized and organized by Bhargav Saikia. Bhargav is a movie critic and I am in love with his reviews. You can head to his site for reviews anytime.

The participants were required to come up with a 20 word caption for the pics he uploaded. There were two pics, one from Ghajini (below) and the other from Saawariya. I went for the Ghajini one and here is my caption for the same:

"Muscular body se zyaada zaroori hai tandorust dimaag
Tann aur mann ki shakti ke liye Bournvita
Bournvita on, Tattoos gone!!"

The thought behind the same being that once Aamir starts drinking bournvita, he would no longer need to rely on tattoos on his body to remember things. Because a glass of bournvita everyday will ensure that his brain is fit, well oiled and working fine. So his frustrations and pains would vanish. Blame my brand background for coming up with a product campaign instead of a caption. I stood second and won a DVD of Dev D for these 20 words......isn't it fantastic?? Yeyyyyyy!!

Here is the winning entry by Pulkit. He won DVD's of DDLJ and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye!

"Garmi ke mausam mein...chimti aur taaron ke bina khidki pe dhoti sukhane ka naya ishtyle...thanda thanda cool cool"

This contest was preceded by a "Warm up Caption Contest" around a picture of Herapheri. Here are my takes on this picture. Blame my twisted lil brain for all that is to follow :-)

"Ek puppy ko na maani, kaahe ki ab yeh jawaani"

"Ab haseenaon ko sarr ghumaane par majboor keejiye...Pushpa baniyaan and underwears hi pehaniye...Haseenaon ki pehli pasand"

"Baap ban ne ke liye kissi haseena ke saamne na gidgidaaye. Ghar le aaye Energy 32 capsules. Shaan se poocho..."Maa Banogi". Energy 32 capsules...Real capsules for real men!"

"Kyun dekho Bipasha jab dikh sakti hain Pamela. Puraane chasme tyaago, Crizal ke chasme apnaao"

Kudos to Bhargav for organizing this contest. I will forever treasure the prize. Hope you had fun reading our takes on these pictures. Enjoy!


P.S: I know, i know....have not been that active of late. A big big sorry from my side. A lil tied up with work. I will be back with a story and make up for my absence. In the meantime, you would want to check out, which we are currently working on. Live your bollywood fantasy and have fun! Lights...Cameras....Actionnnnn!! :-)


Aarthi said...

Hey bro,

Congrats! Apka bournvita wala caption... what an idea sirjee! :D :D

And better be fast in posting your next one! :D


mysterious gal said...

Firstly welcome ji ( hope ur better are back :P)
and congrats congrats sahi me what a idea sirjee :P
and most ur captions have been endorsing some brand or too much a part of ur blood na :P

Now post again soon...missed u around re

The Solitary Writer said...

mubarakho bhai sahab

Rose said...

Congrats Dude:)
By the way have been missin' u here...:)
as u always say--naukripesha zindagi--Waitin' for you to come back :D

Bhargav Saikia said...

Congrats Sandeep! You deserved it! Will come up with some other contest soon :)

PS Thanks for the kind words..your encouragement throughout the contest is much appreciated. Thanks man! :)

Satans Darling™ said...

I did watch the Orissa flas too :D It was awesome! And congrats for the award!

PULKIT said...

smiles reading this!!


visit my blog sometime... hope ul like it sir!!

Anonymous said...

nice captions !! you did deserve that prize !! i eman YOU deserved .. not stressing on WHAT you won ;)

Praveen said...

HEHHEE...tht was one hell of an ad campaign :P
hope bournvitapicks it up:D

Priyanka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harshita said...

hahaha... I loved the Saawariya one the most... ;) You really are very creative n u hv a gr8 sense of humor...

Shilpa Garg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shilpa Garg said...

Congratulations! Interesting captions!! :)

Dinesh said...

Nice Posts in ur blaaag, waiting for the next one

Anonymous said...

VERY VERY FUNNY. So, Sandeep writes...HMMMM!

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