Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Turn "ONE"!!!

Hi Friends....

It's me....yes...for's me....the blog which was christened "yeM Bee yAe" by my father Sandeep. Well, about Sandeep. My father. A young guy who is still very much there in the "youth category"...infact who is clinging on to his youth and counting his last days before he is sucked into the sufferings that old age brings with it. Sandeep Balan aka Balu, the one who cooks up the most painful of stories, who likes pulling legs n pens some hilarious ones, who has taken to philosophy of late and laughs out loud after every "serious" post of his trying to explain life. Explain life?? he he...I doubt whether Sandeep can even spell "L.I.F.E" his own words "LIFE" stands for "Lost In Fun till Eternity" is actually funny to read some serious takes from this crackpot and the worse is when people end up liking his so called "serious" philosophies. This world is sure going to end soon, I the blog called "yeM Bee yAe" is warning you all. The world is going to laugh its way to its end.

Sandeep..........hmmmmm......met my mother "blogspot" on May 23rd, 2008 and fell in love with her. They had their first baby on that very day they met. May 23rd, 2008....when their bodies became one...when their souls became one...when they made love for the first time...within 10 mins I was born. The "yeM Bee yAe" saw the outside world for the first time. Unlike the other babies who entered this cruel world crying their hearts out, I was laughing. Laughing like mad. I thought mom n dad would spend some time with me adoring their beautiful baby. But, Sandeep's desperation knew no end. He had not had enough. He picked up my mom blopspot in his arms and headed to the bedroom for the second time in the evening. And they came back to me after 5 mins and kept my brother, "Day 0: The Goofers" besides me. He also was laughing out like mad. Maybe it was in our genes to be this way. Including that brother, I have had 58 brothers & sisters in the past 1 year. Some came into this world smiling. Some cried their lungs out. And today we are all together. This day, May 23rd, is very special for our family.
Mom & dad are in the bedroom again. By the time I am done with my speech, in all probability (provided my father has not turned impotent all of a sudden) one more name will be added to our family....making us 59.


I would like to thank all for supporting me in this journey of mine. I turn one on blogspot today. It is an elevating feeling. I had started off my blog as an experiment. To understand how a "blog" functions. And today I stand knee deep in this quicksand and I dont want to jump out. Because I have met my most special bunch here. Friends I would die for. I found love, care and the real "me" here. My family at "Writers Lounge" who mean the world to me.

Kajal impersonated me at "Writers Lounge" and gave a speech. I would have written the same. Only one small change in her lines. I would have added her name as well along with Ste's n Asbah's. My special bunch.
'Hello Family,
Today your very own Sandeep - the jester, completes one year in the blog world. 23rd May 2008 was when I'd given birth to my baby 'yeM Bee yAe' (whosoever thought men can not give birth ;). Today when I look back I see a million shared smiles, thousand tears, countless giggles, boundless nods in agreement, a hundred 'I could relate to it' and all this makes my chest swell with pride. Not your applauds but this feeling that somewhere deep down I was able to touch a few lives, make space for myself in a few hearts.

Smile, is the only drug that gives me a high and if added with a laughter then I don't want anything else, my day is already made. Well that's what most of my writes aim at. But when I write something philosophical, heartfelt, based on the shaky grounds of emotions and firm grounds of practility, that's when I don't believe myself that I wrote this, but yes that gives the writer in me, a great satisfaction, nonetheless.

In this one year, I have made so many friends who will last with me till my lifetime and beyond. In this one year, I ended up creating this 'Family' with my co-founders or partners in crime (Asbah and Ste). Today when I see all you ever creative people I get emotional and proud because after all each one of you make this place what it is today - The Writers' Lounge - Our family - A second home to all of us.

My note will be incomplete if I do not mention that pulling Ste's legs in every possible manner is the most exciting thing for me and I keep doing it again and again. Lol but Stephen knows he is dear to me. Love You Biraather!

I am starting to get all nostalgic now. Just wanted to thank you guys, for all your love, motivation, encouragement, LOLs and ROFLs because that's what kept me going in this one year and Inshallah it will continue till ages to come.

You guys have become an intergral part of me and I cannot imagine myself without you!


Can you beleive it that I have not written it?? he he...Read her post here

My Twin's (Priyanka) dedication:

yeM Bee yAe Turns One! :) :)

year ago, on this special day, an
eclectic guy found his way, with his
Magical words and astounding self, he soon

Became everyone’s philosopher and friend
edenic and poignant are his thoughts, with
ease he can touch your soul and heart

yes, with his words so enchanting and pure
Any melancholy of yours, he can cure
everything he writes is a pleasure to read

Tactful gentle and miraculous indeed
Understanding and solicitous are many of his writes
Radiating hope, giving delight
Numerous others are amusing and fun
Superb they are, can be compared to none; yes an

Outstanding blaaaag this one, lots of hearts it has won
Now wishing this baby many many amazing years to come, as this
Elite masterpiece yeM Bee yAe today turns one!

Miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep. Rock on!! Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!


Aarthi said...


*Sings the budday song*

All the very best to you bro! :)
Surely miles to go before you sleep... :)

I love your blog...your writes. They are class apart... :)

Wishing you love, success, happiness and immortality in blog world and otherwise!! :)


mysterious gal said...


Sandy's baby turn 1 :D
and i want more infinite bday to happen :D
i just love ur blog and ur writing and u know already how much i love them
Wish you and ur blog loads of happiness, love and wishes

Loads of Love

Priyanka said...
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Anonymous said...

oyeeeeeeeeeeee this post was oh so special.. me a part of your special bunch? Are you sure?

me knows me knows.. hugs!

Allah aapki umradraaz kare...(urdu gives me a high) :D

God bless you O' yeM Bee yAe Baby! :D

P.S. 59 babies? only now I realized you were talking of the posts.. hahahahah bhondu to bhondu hi rahega.. :D

Anonymous said...

Allah aapko umradaraaz kare - should be correct.. lol..i'll ask Asbah.. :D

abhi isi se kaam chala lo..

bhaavnao ko samjho.. :D

Anonymous said...

congratulations !! and celebrations !! may you cut so many bday cakes :D :D

The Solitary Writer. said...


daddy daddy i turned one ... .yays .... where is mummy blogspot/....daddy where is the party daddy....

pls call mummy and my cousin writers lounge and finger five...daddy daddy

i'm so happy daddy

vaise u just have 58 bhai and bahens...god i tht all ur online frnds r ur sisters and brothers man.....vaise the sketch is beautiful

vaise the devil in me is thinking something weird .... socha tera aur blogger ka........ kar duuu:P

wht say and hey party kaha hai meri jaan...

legpulling thing is equally done by both of us.....u dont dominate me ok.......bhai u have stocks of surprises awaiting u...

lemme write the phunky monkey series....
i wud have made a soober sketch for u dude. ....wht say banau???


chillax tc...gud luck

hope ur baby turns 100 one day....

The Solitary Writer. said...

ahh 59 posts .... hahaha

Sashu... said...

Happy birthday "yem bee yae"!!! n a wonderful post sandeep...congrats!!

Praveen said...

hahahaha...awesome post that to celebrate one year in blogdom..
really made me go LOL...the lovemaking part..59 brothers and sisters...:P
may u write a million more posts!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday yeM Bee yAe! And great job daddy Sandeep! You know am so glad I met you, my daa buddy! :D And always remain what you are because that's what makes you so special! :) May this blaaagg see many many more birthdays and keep going on and on and on...! Love you daa! Kemamai! Namuku pokaam ahead! :D

*Just maroing my limited Malayalam! :P

PS-One request! Bring Muthuswamy Namboodiri back if you can! Missing him. Terribly. :)

Rose said...

Happy Birthday to your kid, Dude:D
I just love reading you:D
Kuch aa nai rha dimag me k kya likhu :P

May you live long :D

And we all see loads of your happy birthdays:)

Satans Darling™ said...

Happy bday yem bee yae :)


And really, you have miles to go...

Anonymous said...


Sorry for the belated wishes!

Keep Rocking bro!

mona said...

oops.. belated happy b'day baby baby yem bee yae... u r so cuuuttteeeeeee.. see u ve got milk teeth now.. n u ve started talkin a lot, must say... n u r puttin on weight like ur daddy.. 58 posts... u must b weighin a lot... watch out... be figure conscious okay??

hope i see you growing faster and fatter each year baby... you are adorable!!

@ sandeep.. great goin daa... your baby's first bday.. wow.. must b a great feelin naa... !! hope to see some more great work from your side in the coming years... so proud of you.. keep it up.. !! take care.. keep smiling, and laughing...!!

mona said...

oops correction.. 59 .. baby yem bee yae u better consult a dietician soon...!!

Amrita~Ams said...

hehhe..first tym here..:D
happy to u :D
btw sketch is mast

The Vitruvian Boy said...

Belated happy Bday wishes.....

All the best for this new year....

Hope u come up with more interesting posts.... :)

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

23 may? we match ! thats my birthday too :P

hellishheaven said...


I know am a bit late, came after a long time to your blog... just coz u stopped updating me on the latest posts up here!!.. :P... Just Kidding!!

Great work as always sir.
All the best !!

Gautam Midha