Thursday, October 29, 2009

One night stand

Amar: Last night was amazing bro!

Arvind: Wow maccha! Tell me more about it. You guys had fun, eh? Did you do it?

Amar: No, no. We just hugged and chatted all night long. But was a crazy night. She's hot man. And yaa...we kissed! And the taste still lingers

Arvind: Amazing man!! Well done brother. Step by step. Dont hurry! The mantra to success.

Amar: I think i am falling in love with her

Arvind: Don't spoil your life man! Have fun, while the sun shines bright

Amar: She's an angel brother. She is ravishing. Last night was the best night ever.

Arvind: Lucky scoundrel you are. Show me a glimpse of this ravishing beauty.

Amar: I managed to click a snap of hers, despite her reservations. Here, don't you agree she is amazing?

*After looking at the snap, takes out his cell and dials a number*

Arvind: Where the hell where you last night? Group studies?? Group studies my foot! Don't you lie to your brother, Veena!!
*Pic courtesy: psivamp (deviantart)


PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) said...

now this was one hell of a twist !!!! poor veena !!!

Sam said...

Man, u deprived the readers of some spice! :(

Sandeep Balan said...


He he....had to do it fr the sake of the story :P...even my heart goes out fr veena. :P :P

Glad to see ya back on my space...cheers!

Sandeep Balan said...


:( :( accidentally put sugar mistakin it fr spice bro :P :P


Dhanya said...

Hahaha :D Serves Veena right ;) Lying to her bro like that!!!!

Sandeep Balan said...


5:24 am???? Did i read it rite??? Wht on earth r u doin dis early wen d chants of *suprabhatam* echo in temples :P :P :P

Yellow Tulip said...

he tat was good:)...poor veena!!..he he!!

Aparna said...


brothers should get their life!

Sandeep Balan said...


he he...poor veena :P :P

Sandeep Balan said...


nice to see you back here....join the "hate brothers" community :P :P :P

Anonymous said...


Matangi Mawley said...

:D .... tht was some twist..

gr8 post! :)

Uncommon Sense said...

so is this a true story?

Priyanka said...
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Priyanka said...
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Harshita said...

LOL. Absolutely Sandeep isshtyle post.


Ria said...

aww...that was bad!! poor veena!

Reflections said... story...u r the master of surprise endings;-D

My conversations with GOD said...

lol..achi thi!!

My conversations with GOD said...

Btw my conversations with God is actually ''apparently intellectual'' that is my other blog which i dont use any more..but i m the same person!