Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The humour side!


I decided to gift myself a new blog after my 50th post here. Not that this one would be discontinued. The "yeM Bee yAe" would continue to churn out stories and everything it has been known for right from the beginning. Just that it gets a new brother today. A brother who is crazy. A brother who knows only the humourous side of life. A brother who is a total crackpot. A brother who is total fun to be with. A brother who complements the multi faceted "yeM Bee yAe" with its trademark humour. Welcome the brother "Humour Shack" into blogpuram.

I have always wanted to have a blog which will have only make people laugh. No sad stuff. Just plain humour posts. My brand of tongue in cheek humour. "yeM Bee yAe" will continue to be what it is. A place for my short stories, twisted humour series, philosophical rants and video posts. I hope you all love and follow "Humour Shack"......just the way you have loved and followed my other son, the "yeM Bee yAe"

Love you all......Keep rocking Blogpuram


Anonymous said...

papa ke two two blogs.. :)

you will have the whole world laughing with you !!

am I proud of you or what?


Priyanka said...
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Harshita said...

:) Will add this blog too on my list.. thank god!! there is going to be one place where we can ONLY laugh :)

nan said...

yaysssssssss :)
One more piece from the cake called Sandeep Balan ;) :D

Chaarz said...


One mre Interesting BLOG to follow now..yippeeeee...PARTY....:)

The Solitary Writer. said...


ur blog gt a bro

am happy..... .mein chachu ban gayaa

congo blog balu