Monday, April 6, 2009

And the 50th one!


I agree friends...I agree....I have literally crawled my way through posts here in the past few months....Should have reached this milestone with a six like Sehwag always does....But I suddenly got all messed up and busy in work. You all would be happy to learn that the project I was working on with my agency Tribal DDB has won two bronze Abby awards (Advertising awards) at the Goa fest yesterday. We won in the categories of "Mobile Innovation" and "Direct Response". You can check out the interactive website , which kept me away but which helped us win laurels at the Abby awards. I hope all of you would forgive me for not being that active at this place i call my second home because of the workload. I wanted to share my happiness with all of you and here I am. Penning away to glory. My 50th post!

I have formed a big gang of online friends in the course of this journey of mine. A blog which started off just to understand how a "blog" functions, saw me cooking up stories, humour n a lil bit of everything I always wanted to pen. I enjoyed cooking up plots for my short stories & grew in confidence with all of you encouraging me on. Today, this mallu blogger from God's Own Country, Devil's Own Backyard is here to acknowledge all those who have been with him all along this bumpy ride.

I bestow on you "The Coconut Award" :-). An acknowledgement of the fact that you and your blog are as cool as a coconut drink. In its purest form. No additives, no preservatives...just you. And I love you all for being you!

Presenting the newest entrant into blogpuram...."The Coconut Award"......

The award goes to:

Stephen: For being there. Always. Right from the start. For co-founding "The Writers Lounge" with me and Asbah. A place bubbling with talent and energy. A place we call our home and our virtual family.

Asbah: For being a sweetheart. A friend who is always near despite the distance between us. She is much more than a friend. She understands me. Stands by me. Fights for me. Cries for me. She is one girl I want to meet before i die. An amazing writer, I really appreciate her deep thoughts.

Kajal aka The Pink Orchid: She is my magic wand. My magic spell. Every single line that I co-write with this angel forms sheer magic. She completed her 100 days in the blogpuram a few days ago. And this magician has 101 followers to her credit. She pens straight from her heart, the words formed out of her blood. She's the purest form, a true angel.

Mona: My lil poet. I have never come across someone who rhymes with such effortless ease! She makes it seem so simple. God gifted talent.

Priyanka: My twin. My sibling. The first one to comment on all my posts. And always ready with those encouraging words, however bad my post be. A total sweetheart! And an amazing poet.

Neha: Writes amazingly well...great descriptions. The biggest Venky alive :-)

The Writers Lounge members: A place we created for budding poets and writers. We are a big family there. A talented bunch. Nandhini, Arjun, John, Chirag, Leo, Pratibha, Tan, Hashan, Aarthi, Charu, Vitruvian Boy, Gaurav, Rashi, Ilashree, Jack, NavChawla, Nabila, Uzra, Insia, Ashrita, Heena and every single member out there. This award is for each one of you for making this place what it is!

Usha: What do i say about Usha? Words fail me! She is always there. To pat you on the back at the end of every post. Does she weave magic with her poems? You bet. Just browse through her site and you will be mesmerized! For promise!

Harshita: Recent joinee. Fun personified. Her comments make my day.

Kartz: My comment section is so incomplete without his *Peace* adorning my space. A gem.

Arunima: Her honest comments keep me grounded. A fabulous blogger, she makes it a point to highlight the parts where she feels you could have done better. A million thanks for being "you"

Matangi: Wow!! What a writer! What a writer! She is simply fabulous. Her short stories have always been an inspiration. She never disappoints. Never ever!

Ani: Keep the mallu flag flying high in Scotland babe! You are the best. Muah!

Aditya aka the Lover: You have to read him to believe him. A class apart!

Kaushal: Cherry Flavoured Antacids. Comfortably Numb. Homer. Many names. One man. I am yet to see a better poet in blogpuram. My Choteeeeeeeeeee :-)

Another Blogger: I dont know her name. he he. Just know that she's a doc. And her display image gives away the fact that she is gorgeous too. He he he. She is so damn hilarious. I am simply in love with her impromptu posts. She ensures that she has your complete attention when you read her posts. They are so fun! I am so sorry babe that I had to keep you waiting for the third part of "The Blonde" series. Public apology. He he...

Tara: My "daa"....She is a total sweetheart. She makes it a point to come and comment on every post, the moment she sees an update on her sidebar. I love you loads! Muah! You writer fabulously fabulous daa :-)

Divya: Her pettles and pebbles is one of the best blogs I have come across in a while! Always there....A big hug!

Piyush: He was the first one to blogroll me. To give me that confidence. That I "can" write. Thanks a ton brother. For being there.

Praveen: Real posts. Real incidents. The Real Man. The World of Crusader! He means every word when he puts a disclaimer saying that any similarity with anyone living or dead is purely intentional. Speaks his mind. And loved for that. A blessed writer. Gifted with the ability to motivate and gather support around an issue. A gem @ blogpuram

There are a few non-blogger friends I would want to mention as well, without whom i am not complete. My friends, who define me.

I want to give a big hug to my gang: Gudiya aka Dumbo aka Cutie aka Naishy, TJ aka Jyoti aka Tapa aka dude, Moti Bhains aka Saand aka Vidya Balan aka Straight Hair Moti aka Niyati, Nano aka Chotu aka Chor aka Tewari aka Confidence aka Divya, Garry aka Olive Oyl aka Senorita aka Garima, Luchi aka Scarlet aka Ruchi, Major aka e-Bhagat aka Bharat, Geetz aka Lizzy aka Sweetheart aka Bagtrophobia aka byeeeeeeee aka Geetika, Cylinder aka Meghooo aka Jeez aka Meghna, 3/4th aka Abbhi aka Chill babe aka Shruti, My food bank aka Aparna, My fellow mallu colleague aka Aravind B. aka fan aka follower, All of FMG 16 n 17 aka my Superjuniors who come down regularly. I love all of you. I am nothing without you. And everything with you. *Hugs*

P.S: I hereby promise to blog daily for many days to follow to compensate for my absence. Promise!!


the pink orchid said...


i came here screaming seeing the coconut award.. i am gonna drink it all .. no sharing.. :)

but you know what my heart sighed with a wish to become a part of your last paragraph where in there were names mentioned from the real world.. :)

our dreams never end, do they?


congratulations on the 50.. :)

proud of ya Mere Balan.. :)

Kartz said...

*ahem* Sandeep saaru updates at long last...

Warm felicitations on the 50th post. Way more to come.

Keep writing. Spread the voice.

Peace. Have a nice day.

Awesome to hear tht the ad won awards! Congratulations, again!

Tc, bro'...

Priyanka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Solitary Writer. said...

oh my god

finally mr blog balan reaches his half century after a long time.... .heya the awardee'spls dont come searching for me:p ...i made this thing....i ts really nt good.....:p anyway accept it and hey thank for the coco awrds broo....i loved it :) thnx for the honours :)

Tara said...

Congrats daa for the Abby awards! *hugs* And thank you so much! Really sweet of you...elaneer...slurp slurp! ;) Just two days ago, I came to this space and wanted to comment
"Is this how you come back?"! And ta-daa today you are here! And damn, you are here when I am on a blog-chutti! Have exams which start tomorrow! (Pray daa ok :) Missed you da, very glad to see you back! :)

And don't disappear again! :P Thank you! Oopsie.. nanni! ;)

Tara said...

You missed your quarter century na, I remember. Chalo, the half century was celebrated! Keep going! Keep rocking! Daa daa daa...! Hehe! ;)

nan said...

I added subscribed your blog long back in reader :P
But *Sob* *Sob* there were no updates @ all
And one fine morning ( 7 aprl 2009) there is 1 unread post @ the yem bee yae

Yayysssss i rush to read the update and it was like *WHOA* i was awarded something here :P

Congossss to all the awardees :D:D

Sandeep cheta keep rocking ;)

Pretty Me!! said...

i will wait to read your blog now that its on my blog roll ! thanks for remembering me :)

mysterious gal said...

wow it reaches 50th congrats
and i get a award too yupeee
now i promise will be regular as ur on my blog roll :D

Praveen said...

great to see u back man
congrats on ur 50 th post and the awards at the goa fest

its been a pleasure reading ur blogs. Hope to read a lot more from u soon..and do keep ur promise :D

Harshita said...

Thanks for the award... am honored ji... ;)

And welcome back!

Aarthi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aarthi said...

Hey Sandeep,

Congrats on the 50th one! Finally!

Thank you for remembering me!

Keep rockin'...



Ani said...


thank u so much.. tht was reallyy so sweett.. n yes the mallu flag is going to be high.. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

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