Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I came to your city, but could not reach your heart,
I had always wanted my life, to be your life's part.
I have been destiny's child, going where life took me,
Yet you were that one person, whom forever I want to see.

I sit outside your door, hoping you would come out,
To see what I have become, in your love's draught.
Waiting for you to invite me into your life,
And be then my friend, lover and wife.

I know, in your love, I have become hungry and foolish,
And there is not much in life that I wish.
May be have a normal job or even own some farms,
But should have time to sit on a lake with you in my arms.

(Written by my friend Zaheer)


Priyanka said...
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mona said...

hey nice one... rhymes really well... written simply and nicely... it comes straight from the heart to the heart... good job... !!!!

Tara said...

Nicely written! Reading stuff written straight from the heart is always a pleasure! :)

Sandeep Balan said...

simplicity personified....good one zaheer....didnt know tht u write as well...n write really well...the line formations are really good...keep scribbling bro...

Zaheer's Blog said...

It feels really nice to hear such appreciative words. Would put in more stuff as and when I can.

Kartz said...

Hey, that was poetry in motion dude..! Enjoyed the piece and its lucidity.