Sunday, October 12, 2008


Waited for those eyes
In which I would see my entire life..
So full of love!
I get empty stares.

Waited for those hands
Which would hold me tight..
And make me feel secure and light!
I am trapped.

Waited for that voice
Which would sing for me..
The song of life!
I hear cries.

Waited for those words
Which would mean to me..
The whole world!
I feel cursed.

Waited for that hug
Which would make me melt..
With warmth of love!
I feel suffocated.

Waited for that smile
Which would make my life..
Beautiful and worthwhile!
I see gloom.

Waited for that touch
Which would make me feel..
Wanted and loved!
I feel vulnerable.

Waited for that someone
Who would touch my heart..
With unconditional love!
I am alone.

Waited for the day
When you would forever be mine..
And bless me with love so pure and divine!
I now see reality.

This is how it would feel when your love doesn’t turn into a reality…and instead your life gets trapped in the clutches of someone else…..though the pain would be tremendous and much much much more than what I have been able to express…

By Priyanka


Sandeep Balan said...

it seems great to be the first one to comment on my blog..he is a welcome change for me...and makes it extra special when i am commenting for my biggest twin...
simply put..the last 4 posts by you on my blog is at par with the very best i have written till date..u have infused life back into my blog at a time when i am not able to pursue my fav. hobby since the past few weeks...thanks for lending out a helping hand...and you are a very good writer twin...

i loved the 4th line in each of the para's...a complete contrast..u made me cry twin...sometimes u have to convey what you feel...sometimes its better to hear from that someone rather than assuming...sometimes its better to have that knowledge of letting him know of your feelings than suffering from the pain of not conveying...sometimes its better to just speak and be true to urself...

mind blowing twin...u rock even harder! am impressed...big time...

Priyanka said...
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Zaheer's Blog said...

Good poem. Shows reality of life. The poem tells a story in itself. Would love to hear about the background of your story and poem someday, because all stories in life are inspired by some situations in our or others lives.

Keep up the good work and would love to read more stories in the future. Have already read it once and read it out to my room mate once. Keep posting. Cheerios.

The Solitary Writer. said...

hey its really great priyanka

i got the feel of reading a good poem after a long period of time......

kudos to u

Priyanka said...
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Hitu said...

Awesome.. the only wrd that came out when i read this.. hey girlie u hv written so beautifully.. the way u hv woven the true feelings in the words is really commendable... great efforts priyanka...

But m feeling so bad for u..i never realised that u were in so much love with him (PB).. and ur true love is evident from each and every word of ur poem..

But i must say.. u rock sweety..hard feelings conveyed so easily... hats off to u ...

Priyanka said...
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