Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love in my thoughts...

As a naïve young girl
Love meant different things to me
Did it lie in the smile someone brought on my face?
Was it the feel someone’s slight touch gave me then?
Was it that look someone gave me when our eyes met?
Was it ingrained in our little talks?
I found it difficult to decipher
My mind too simple to break that code
I thought it was love…
Time passed by and feelings remained in my heart
I hoped someday we would make a start
More time flew
And the little girl grew
And then she knew…
It wasn’t love! was not.

For later, she defined for herself…
Love is life
A connection of souls
A beautiful feeling shared
Someone holding your hand when you are scared
And when that special someone is near
You feel secure, you feel no fear
A sense of belonging
That care that longing
An unexplained urge
Feelings that surge
Its when you share that feeling
That life begins to find its meaning
The moment someone touches your heart
Its then that your life actually starts
I believe in that true love
Yes I do
So strong so pure
So childlike so mature
Love for which the entire life seems less
Does it exist?
I believe in it nevertheless
Yes…the kind that exists in fairy tales!

But still I made a resolve
And never gave love a chance to evolve
Why did I stay away from love?
Because…I feared love!
Yes…I did
I was scared of betrayal
I didn’t want to be hurt
So I closed my heart and shut my mind
And never gave them a chance to rewind
For I was waiting for that true love…
Yes…waiting…for that true love…

Again time passed away…
And then…
Like a beautiful sunrise
Life brought for me a lovely surprise
I was staying away from love,
All the time I thought
But I later realised,
It was the other way round!
Yes…it was love that stayed away from me
Oh oh…how could it be!

Then finally…
Love came into my life!
I felt chosen, I felt so blessed
It came in the most unexpected way
And brought along happiness, joy n gay
Its in the air, in the flowers, in the trees
Enchanting and refreshing like the summer breeze
As pure as a pearl
As soothing as mother’s touch
Its just out of this world!
It gives an amazing feeling
A sort of magical healing
Yes yes yes…
I am in love!

Yes…this is the true love I had been waiting for
My heart knows he is the one!
His love his care…
Oh…life is so fair!
His voice his smile…
Aah…life is so worthwhile!
I held his hand and walked in the rain…
Life is blissful…there is no pain
Every moment I dream of him
Every dream I live with him
I have imagined my whole life with him
Yes...I am in my own dreamland!

In my own dreamland??
Why? Isn’t it real?
Is it just my imagination?
My heart’s desire, my mind’s creation?
No no…I can’t let it go
I just want to tell him
How much I love him!
But…I can’t. I can’t.
Does that make my love less worthy?
Will it remain a dream forever?
Don’t tell me that!
No God…don’t! don’t!

By Priyanka


Sandeep Balan said...

first one to comment on my own blog...yippeeee...he he here comes the comment twin...good work...this poem holds a special place in my heart coz it was the first time u scribbled...hence it stands out of all ur posts till date....can see this poem coming straight from the heart..this poem has this genuinity about it yaar...too good for a first timer!! commendable...really great! hope god gives you what you want most! cheers!!

Tara said...

Beautiful is all I can say! Truly beautiful. It reflects the thoughts and feelings of a young girl so beautifully. Great work! :)

Usha Pisharody said...

Oh this is so utterly innocently and beautifully expressed!!

A little lengthy, but one right from the heart!!!

Priyanka said...
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mona said...

mindblowing... straight from the heart... u hve woven ur feelings so beautifully into words... ... great job... !!!

the best part of your poem was that wen i was reading it i sumhow felt that the words r coming from my own mind...could relate to each line of your poem.... wonderful!!! keep it up!!

Priyanka said...
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Anonymous said...

hmm i loved these lines: More time flew
And the little girl grew
And then she knew…

the perfection and rhyming in them..

"A sense of belonging" once i was vindicating love and i told my self that it'll be great to feel that you belong to someone.. hayna :)

Yes…it was love that stayed away from me
Oh oh…how could it be!

reminds me of Celion dion's song "dont give up on your way, coz love come to those who believe it
and thats the way it is!"
go search for the lyrics and listen to the song, 'thats the way it is'.

*me prays that you get the courage to tell him soon*

you know, they say that the love is like fragrance, you cant hide it, well i think you can. so step ahead, risk it. I wish you love and luck :)